Volunteer Descriptions


 The WEFC is 100% run by volunteers, without them our club would not function.









Volunteeer Opportunities:  The WEFC Board did an assessment of the number of volunteer slots required to minimally staff our full season of games and determined that there are potentially 288 slots necessary to have a succesful season.  For the 2012 season we asked the parents of 100 participants to commit to 2 slots for the season equaling 200 slots.  This left a gap of 88 empty positions last year.  To ensure that all our kids have a fun and safe season, we are increasing the volunteer commitment parents are required to fulfill.  For the current season, all parents/guardians will be required to complete at least three volunteer commitments , per participant, on game days throughout the season.  On equipment pick up night parents should be prepared to sign up for their 3 volunteer slots with the volunteer coordinator.

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